Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter 2013

The Easter bunny paid a visit to my parents' house this weekend where we were spending the Easter holiday.  First is Evan's basket, including some new cars, a book, a puzzle, a few animals and some chocolate:
Eric's basket was much of the same:
 Eric searching for eggs (and holding onto a bottle of bubbles):
These cows are similar to something Evan has at school.  Every single day when I pick him up, he's playing with these cows and kissing them.
A few more cars from the Cars 2 movie: 
After we got the boys dressed, we headed outside for some pictures while there was still some sunshine.  Eric was his usual cooperative self for photos:
Happy little man:
Loving the eggs:
The two boys together (a minor miracle to get a photo of the two of them):
Evan LOVED the chocolate (which he was eating here):
Enjoying the warm weather outside:
Evan with his basket:
Attempting a family photo:
We came back to Pennsylvania in the middle of the afternoon and ordered Chinese take-out for dinner . . . a very traditional Easter meal.  We are all ready for some more permanent warmer weather - we got a little taste of it on Saturday and hopefully there is more to come.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

My Little Reader

Each night Evan is not ready for bed at 8:30 when we put him in.  He's usually negotiating staying awake longer for some reason or another.  It's typically 9:30 before he actually falls asleep, with 1-2 trips out of his room to tell us he's "scared". When we ask him what he's scared of, he says "I don't know" and smiles.  He  knows that if he tells us he's scared, he generally gets a nicer response than if he just comes out of the room for no reason. Lately, he will try to read books by the light of this nightlight that projects stars onto his ceiling.  It's basically pitch black in there but we'll watch him over the monitor read to himself for at least 20 mintues.  He loves his books.  So last night after he fell asleep, I could see on the monitor that there was a book by his head. I walked in to remove it and found him with 6 books surrounding him, a few of which he was cuddling with like he would a stuffed animal.  I absolutely love this photo! 

Monday, March 18, 2013

Brothers, Cousins & St Patty's Day

A few weeks ago, I put the boys into these matching shirts that they had gotten as a gift.  In order to get these photos, we of course had to promise Evan a pack of M&Ms.  This one was the best one of the most of them:

 And here you can actually see the "Lil Bro" on Eric's shirt:
And I thought this one was really cute too.  They were sort of rough-housing and making trouble.  It was cute:
The next weekend when the Schallers came to visit, we had the kids all share a bath.  They had such a good time:
And then this past weekend was St Patty's Day.  The whole family dressed in green and started off the day bowling with some friends, out for pizza and then home to relax:
Here I am with Eric.  He's wearing a "My First St Patrick's Day" shirt, even though technically it was his second St Patty's Day.  We barely even remembered his first St Patty's Day as it was the second day home from the hospital and we were all in a daze.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Eric's 1st Birthday

We celebrated Eric's first birthday with a small family party our house on Sunday, March 10th.  Here he is sporting his birthday shirt, ready to celebrate after napping through the first 90 minutes of the party:
Eric & me on his big day:
Family photo (minus his brother):
The birthday boy was happy to be in his new bounce house - a gift for Eric's and Evan's birthdays:
The birthday cakes - one for everyone and one just for Eric:
Megan & Claire enjoying the festivities:

Claire giving her cousin Eric a big hug.  She loves babies:

The boys hanging out on the deck:
Evan still hates his picture being taken.  I'm pretty sure we have less than 10 good photos of him this whole year:
Close up of the birthday boy:
Lily getting some attention from her "aunt" and "uncle":
And now onto the cake.  Lots of pictures of Eric eating his cake:

I think he liked it:
Evan enjoying the cake but not enjoying his picture being taken:
After everyone left, the boys had the bounce house to themselves:
And a few days later, on Eric's actual birthday, we enjoyed some more cake.  This child won't eat too many foods but he will eat cake:
 Happy birthday to our little baby boy!  I can't believe how fast this year has gone.
I still need to get his last frog chair picture and post that along with his 1 year old photos and his 1 year stats . . . hopefully soon!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Eric's Baptism

This past week has been a busy one.  Last weekend was Eric's baptism and 1st birthday party.  And this past week he turned 1 year old!  Of course I am way behind on the pictures so I have a few posts to do in the coming days.  I'll go in chronological order just to keep things simple.  

On Sunday of last week, we got Eric baptized at St Simon & Jude church in West Chester.  We kept it small and celebrated his birthday afterwards with a party. Here he is in his little suit:
Getting lots of attention from his grandmothers before the baptism:
 And a photo with all of the grandparents:
Here is one with just Deedee & Pops:
And now just Nana & Papa:
Here is Chip (the Godfather) and Jess with Eric.  He was being so cooperative that we kept getting the pictures in the same place on the couch:
Now we made it to the church - Brian & Eric:
 Family photo:
Full body family shot (I all this my Kate Middleton engagement dress . . . if only I looked like Kate Middleton :)
The Godfather and Eric:
 Mom & son in the church:
The parents and Godparents:
The actual baptism:
The ceremony:
Eric with his Godmother, our good friend Julie.  We tried some pictures before the ceremony and he was crying hysterically.  At this point, he was much happier:
Baby brother Evan was home napping through the whole thing, which is why he's missing from the photos.  More pictures to come from the party soon!