Thursday, November 10, 2011

Florida Fun

We headed down to Florida at the end of October for Brian to play at the Ultimate Frisbee national tournament. It was Evan's first flight and he did great. It was too hectic to have the camera on the plane, so we only starting shooting away once we got to the fields. The first day was, unfortunately, all rain. But the second day started to clear up, which meant lots of fun outside at the frisbee fields and the beach. Thankfully for us, we missed the October snow storm in the north east when we went away.

As I've mentioned before, Evan is a complete daddy's boy. He wants to do whatever his father does, which includes playing "brisbee" (as he calls it): Brian is able to throw the frisbee way up in the air and have it come back to him (like a boomerang) - Evan loved this game:Carrying his frisbee proudly:And while we were at the fields, he almost never stopped running. However, his run mostly looks like a power walk, which had friends and strangers laughing at his strange run:Eventually he got too tired to run . . . for about 2 seconds:Family photo at the fields:Team photo. Unfortunately, the team didn't do so well (finished 16th out of 16 teams):On Saturday night, our friends organized a trick-or-treating at the condos we were staying at with a bunch of frisbee players. It was 2 days before Halloween but the kids were happy to dress up. We didn't bring Evan's full costume, but a Halloween themed outfit instead:The trip allowed for plenty of beach time too. Evan loves anything that involves him being outside:Pausing for a 2 second photo with his mother:Hard to tell here, but someone came by with a boom box and Evan started dancing up a storm. He even had a few other kids join him. These are his rockin' moves:And we couldn't have done this trip without the help of Nana & Papa, who helped me enormously on the plane and at the fields. Watching Evan is a 3-person job these days:The obligatory "throwing Evan in the air" picture:Wild man on the beach:

Thank you, thank you, thank you Nana & Papa!!!!!