Friday, August 1, 2014

Virginia Beach - Part 3 (Family Photos)

Our attempt at family photos on vacation could best be described as a complete and total circus.  We had to shoot in the morning because the kids would probably not all cooperate in the evening.  It was way too sunny at the time of our shoot so everyone had trouble opening their eyes for the photos (which also leads to lots of shadows in the pictures).  And getting five kids aged 5-and-under to cooperate was challenging . . . to say the least.  We did not attempt a family photo of the Felt crew as we have our OBX trip coming yet in which to do that.  But here are the best of the shots . . . though we didn't get one real winner.  

This one may be my favorite of the Schaller kids:
Dee-dee and Pops with all of their grandchildren:
Playing on the boat . . . if only Evan would have turned around:
The adorable Schallers cooperated a lot more than the Felt boys:
The older boys:
The best we could get out of Evan:
And Eric:
And two fully family shots - notice Evan wearing Dee-dee's sunglasses in this picture:
And without sunglasses, he refused to look up:
Those were the best we could get.  I still think we're years away from getting a good shot of everyone but maybe I'll be pleasantly surprised in the near future.

That's all from our Virginia Beach trip.  It was a great trip!