Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Post Christmas Vacation

On December 27th, we headed to the Poconos for a little post-holiday vacation.  On our way, we stopped at the Delaware Water Gap for some hiking at the George W Childs Recreation Site.  It was a beautiful hike with lots of waterfalls:
Playing around with the shutter speed on my camera, but without a tripod, my hands were a bit shaky and the rest of the picture looks blurry:
Boys too close to the edge for me:
We hiked all the way down to the final waterfall:
Happy boys:
Throwing rocks into the pond, a favorite thing of theirs to do:
Climbing onto every rock that we walked by:
Yet another waterfall on the way back up:
A little booty shake dance at the waterfall:
The next day, we headed to Jim Thorpe to see the town and walk around.  On our way back, we stopped for a hike at Hawks Falls.  We even got someone to take our picture at the top and bottom of the falls:

Little rock climbers:
On our way out:
The rest of the vacation including meeting up with a college friend we hadn't seen in years for lunch, a daily round of bowling at the hotel, a visit to an indoor water park and a lot of relaxation.  It is amazing how well the boys get along when we are NOT at home . . . which is part of the reason we decided to go away for a few days.  When it was time to leave, the boys were whining about not wanting to go home.  So I guess that means they had a good time!

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Christmas with the Weiss Side

Christmas with the Weiss family happened on 12/26 at the new Schaller house.  We managed to get a photo with all of us in it, whoever everyone cooperated.  It was a Christmas miracle!
While we didn't take any other pictures in the chaos, we did get a photographer to take pictures of the kids for a Christmas present for my parents.  And while it was a total circus show while we were actually taking the pictures, we were more than thrilled that we ended up with this one:
This on was also in the running:
Another cute one because Matthew and Evan were cracking each other up:
Both Megan and I think this is one of the best ones of the bunch.  These two boys love to talk potty talk together:
My two boys together . . . though  it was very cold this morning and you can see Eric's red nose from the cold:
Brothers laughing:
More from the blanket:
And here, they were going to throw fake snow into the air:
 And afterwards, the best picture of the two boys:
We were long overdue for an updated family photo as the last one we took was when Eric was 6 months old.  Getting 5 kids to cooperate (4 of them boys) was not easy but we were so happy with how these turned out.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Christmas Morning 2015

Santa arrived on Christmas Eve night and brought the boys a lot of treats.  Evan's pile here:
And Eric's pile here:
Eric so excited to open presents:
Evan asked for 2 things from Santa - soccer cones and a bat mobile.  He got both!
Wild Kratts toys:
Blaze & the Monster Machines:
And from their parents, they received a bat cave and a whole bunch of Batman accessories:
Successful Christmas morning and two happy boys:
When all presents were opened, the boys were treated to Mickey Mouse chocolate chip pancakes:
 After which they were told that we are going to Florida and to Disney in March!  We are calling it "Disney Light" because aren't staying on-property and we are only going to the park for 2 days.  Our "real" Disney trip will be in the spring of 2017:
After a fun morning at home, we hit the road to NJ where we had Christmas dinner with my mom's extended family.  Here the boys are in their Christmas outfits.  It was quite warm so they didn't get to wear their cute Christmas sweaters.
And one more Christmas celebration to go . . . 12/26 with the Weiss clan!

Monday, January 18, 2016

Christmas #1 with Nana & Papa

As usual, the weekend before Christmas, we head to Elmira to celebrate Christmas with Brian's family.  Thankfully, his Aunt Shelley is quite the photographer and we get some amazing pictures courtesy of her being willing to snap away with our sometimes uncooperative bunch.  We were very excited when it started snowing as, up until this point, the temperatures had been unseasonably warm and it did not feel very much like Christmas.  Here are the kids out in the snow  At first we couldn't get Eric to come out and participate:
But he soon joined in:
Evan was actually enjoying getting his photo take and looked very handsome in his Christmas outfit:
And now Eric, who was a little chilly outside:

Back in the warmth indoors, Lily made herself at home:
All of the kids on the couch:
Eric getting excited to open presents:
All of the grandkids who were there:
 Evan opening presents:
Now Eric's turn:
Cousin hugs!
And now the end of the night, with all kids in their coordinated John Deer pajamas from Nana & Papa:
This was Christmas #1 (of 3), so lots more photos to come!