Sunday, November 24, 2013

Let the Writing Begin

A few weeks ago, prior to Halloween, Evan came home from school with this.  
I was in shock as we have never once tried writing with him.  I guess it's a good thing they teach him these things at school.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Fall Foliage Train Ride

There is no denying the beauty that is the fall season.  Though I'm not thrilled that the cold weather has now arrived for good, it wouldn't be the same without all four seasons.  The two trees in front of our house are spectacular for about one week's time . . . before the lawn is littered and it takes us 3 weekends to rake and bag all of the leaves.
This past weekend we headed out to the Wilmington Railroad, which we had attempted to do a few weeks ago but it was unexpectedly closed for the day.  It was the fall foliage tour and it did not disappoint.  Here we are waiting to pull out of the station:
 Eating a peanut butter sandwich on the train:
Evan running down the car after hitting up the bathroom:
A rainbow of colors:
The Felt boys:
Looks like a Bob Ross painting to me:
I never get bored of seeing covered bridges either:
More scenery from the train:
We got to stop about 30 minutes into the ride, get out and explore in the woods before heading back to the station.  
In another week or two, all of the leaves will be down and we'll be spending our weekends raking and bagging leaves.  It was fun to at least enjoy the scenery before the work begins.