Monday, March 26, 2012

Newborn Photo Shoot

My very talented friend, Bri, offered up her photography skills to take some newborn pictures of Eric last week. She did a great job at capturing some amazing shots of our new baby boy.

Who doesn't love a picture of a baby sleeping in a basket?
A close up of his sweet face:
The next one is probably my favorite of the bunch. I felt silly taking these at the time, but now I'm glad that I did. It will be framed for sure:Another good one:Sleeping baby:

So thankful to have these pictures and to have a generous friend who volunteered to take these pictures for me!!

Friday, March 23, 2012

March Madness

It's not too often that Lehigh makes the NCAA tournament. So when Lehigh made the tournament, it was exciting. When we saw they were matched up against Duke, we figured the game would be over before it started. Being a die-hard Duke fan, I was torn but opted to root for my alma-mater over my usual team. And surprises of all surprises, Lehigh actually won! We, of course, had to proudly wear our Lehigh brown-and-white to cheer them on in the 2nd round (which, unfortunately, they lost). Eric doesn't have a Lehigh outfit in his size, so he wore the only brown and white outfit that we owned.
Here Evan was clapping for his team:

Evan was being a ham, standing up and falling onto the ground before posing with a huge smile. Since it's difficult to get a picture of him smiling, I am especially in love with this photo:
And a cute shot of the back of his shirt:

It was still exciting to root on Lehigh in the tournament, even if they lost in the 2nd round!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

First Week at Home

The first week at home has been a whirlwind. The week started out rough, with Eric being awake all night and sleeping all day. He is still sleeping most of the day, but is also sleeping at night (waking up every 3-4 hours to eat). Here he is on his first full day at home, actually awake during the day for a few minutes:This is a picture from the hospital that I forgot to include in my last post. It's Eric's friend Chase, who is 2 weeks older than him. If their parents have anything to do with it, these two will be great friends:
Over the weekend, the Weiss family came to visit - my parents and my sister and her family. The warm weather allowed for the boys to get outside to play for awhile:
My adorable nephew Matthew:
A sleeping Eric:
Eric's first bath. He still can't be bathed in the water yet, so it was just a sponge bath and he wasn't overly excited about it: He was less excited about getting dried off afterwards:

And here we are taking the frog-chair picture for each month of Eric's first year. Look at those skinny legs:
And a closer up view:

So far, Eric has been easy-going once we got the sleep straightened out. But he is still very much a newborn who hasn't quite "woken up" yet. Once he does, I'm sure things will get a little more difficult. In the meantime, Brian and I enjoyed a few lunch dates this week since it's very easy to get out with a baby who just sleeps all of the time. Now Brian is back to work and I'm on my own for a day before Nana & Papa come tonight to help out Friday-Sunday.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Welcome to the world Eric Brian Felt

We woke up on Tuesday, March 13th knowing that we'd be meeting your new family member. We got to the hospital at 8:00 AM and, by 10:00 AM, the doctors had attempted to flip the baby out of the breech position to no avail. By 10:45, I was being rolled into the operating room to begin the c-section. To say I was nervous is an understatement. But Brian was calm, cool & collected as always. Here he is in his scrubs getting ready to go into the OR: And here I am, looking just a little nervous:

All in all, the actual c-section itself was not as bad as I thought it would be. I did have some issues with the anesthesia and losing some extra blood because I wasn't clotting properly. But at 11:06 AM, Brian was asked to peek over the curtain to announce that the baby was a BOY! I had been thinking this baby was a boy all along, so it wasn't too much of a surprise for me. But here he is, just out of the womb:

Brian getting to cut the cord:

7 lbs, 2 oz:
Getting to meet my new son for the first time:Brian getting to hold our new addition:

All three of us:In the recovery room, Dede & Pops got to meet their new grandson:

Once we moved into my permanent room and I came off of the drugs, I was able to actually hold my little man:With Dede (I'm looking EXHAUSTED at this point):There are his stats: 7 lbs, 2 oz; 20.5 inchesClose up in the bassinet:Nana gets to meet her new grandson:We hadn't officially decided on a name (for boy or girl) before the baby arrived, but we were fairly certain the boy's name would be Eric. I am the one who wanted "Brian" as the middle name, though Brian wasn't so sure of it. Eventually he agreed and we officially decided on "Eric Brian" for his full name:On Thursday, Aunt Megan came to meet her newest nephew:After a long 3 nights in the hospital, it was time to go home on Friday. Here Eric is all dressed in his going-home outfit:Close up:In the carseat:And heading to the car:Get ready for a million more pictures in the coming weeks!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

One last weekend as a family of three . . .

Our last weekend as a family of three was spent alone together. We relaxed at home yesterday, ran some last-minute errands and had dinner out together. Today, we went to the pool as a family . . . and because I had heard that being in the pool could help with the breech issue. Evan loves the pool and seemed happy to have both of his parents there with him. After the nap, we headed to Longwood Gardens as it was a beautiful day. Here, Evan walked down 45 steps with me holding his hand . . . took quite awhile:Walking through the gardens with Brian:

Indoors with Brian:
And yes, he's actually smiling!
Everyone should take a little time to stop and smell the roses:Or take the time to see the fountains:

Evan enjoyed all of the fountains and pools of water. Whenever we left one area of water, he would say "More water?"
Thankfully there was plenty of water fountains in the childrens' garden:
There was also a "cauldron" looking area where water would splash up sporadically. Each time, Evan would jump as though he was completely terrified . . . followed by one of the deepest belly laughs you've ever heard. This went on for several minutes and other people came by just to see his reaction. These pictures don't do it any justice:

And while we were here, we took a handful of maternity shots. Not the best photos, but at least some proof that I actually carried this baby since we haven't been documenting this pregnancy like we should have:

I anticipate this being my last blog post for a little while. I'm excited to meet our newest little family member but also scared to see how much life is going to change. I hope Evan accepts his baby brother/sister with open arms. While he may not be thrilled with having to share his parents in the short term, we hope he will grow up to have a built-in best friend later on in life. And we are looking forward to seeing how this new addition will fit in and what personality he/she will have. Given the last few weeks' events, I'm thinking (s)he won't be quite as easy going as his/her brother. Time will tell!