Monday, May 28, 2012

Big Boy!

No pictures to show of this one, but I did want to document it - Evan did his first pee-pee on the potty tonight!  It was a lot of effort just to get him to sit on the potty a few short weeks ago because he was afraid of it.  When we finally got him to sit on the potty before his bath about a month ago, he would not go and would say "No pee-pee on the potty, pee-pee in the tub".  We'd put him in the tub and he would go immediately in there.  So we were shocked tonight when he decided to try the potty.  Of course we were celebrating like we had won the lottery and we rewarded him with his choice of a match-box car.  I know we are far from being potty-trained, but we're making baby steps.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Baby Photo Shoot

I realized it's been a little while since I took some pictures of Eric just for fun.  I took quite a few of our happy boy and couldn't pick my favorites, which is why there are so many I've posted below:

And he's finally getting better at his tummy time!

Monday, May 21, 2012

The Birthday Fun Continues . . .

Evan's birthday week continued, as Brian joked that Evan is going to get used to week-long birthday celebrations.  Over the weekend, we had a small party for Evan.  The Weiss clan (minus my brother who had a final exam to take) and Janet came to spend the weekend celebrating with Evan.  We spent Saturday morning and early afternoon at the Philadelphia Zoo.  Here is a rare photo of us all together:
And here is the birthday boy with DeeDee and Pops, as well as looking at the animals with cousin Matthew: 

Nana Janet did an amazing job making some special treats for Evan's party.  She made these adorable Elmo cake pops.  And they tasted even better than they looked!
 She also made this yummy Elmo fruit platter:
 And I made cupcakes as they are one of Evan's favorite treats right now:
We all sang Happy Birthday to Evan:
 And he managed to blow out both candles on his own:
 Aunt Megan & Claire enjoying the festivities:
 Kelly, Jeff & Jake were in the area and dropped by to wish Evan a happy birthday too:
 And at the end of a very long day, Evan and Matthew settled on the couch to watch some Finding Nemo:
It was a perfect weekend filled with fun activities.  Thanks to everyone who made it so much fun!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Mother's Day 2012

Mother's Day 2012 was fairly low-key, just relaxing at home with some take-out for dinner and ice cream to end the day.  We sat out on the back deck for awhile and got a few pics.  Here I am celebrating Mother's Day with my two boys:
A great one of me and Evan:
Evan had a blast playing with sticks in the back yard:
 And here Evan was being silly playing by the rails of the deck:

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Evan is 2!

Happy 2nd Birthday to my "baby" Evan.  Oh how fast he is growing up!   Evan won't go for his 2 year appointment until next month, but he was recently weighed at another doctor and was 31 pounds.  He's a solid boy. He currently is Mr Talkative at home - speaking mostly in sentences.  He says some really cute things lately and is more perceptive than we give him credit for.  Today he said to me "Mommy, turn off your phone please".  I guess I was doing a little more texting than he would have liked and he was right - I turned it right off.  We were talking about best friends recently and, when asked who Mommy's best friend is, he said "Baby Eric".  He sees me taking care of Eric all of the time but it still made me a little sad :(  His memory is really growing too - I'm sure he's normal for his age but I am surprised every day at the things he remembers from previous days.  He is very loving, giving us lots of hugs and kisses.  But for as talkative as he is at home, he turns shy around new people.  He generally will not talk in front of new people. 

He currently loves all things from "Disney Cars".  He would watch that movie all day long if we would let him.  And he is obsessed with the characters from the movie.  He also loves all trucks.  He can tell you the name of every kind of construction truck on the road.  And car trips to him are exciting now as he could end up seeing a backhoe, bus or front-end-loader.  And he screams out the name of the truck when he sees one in pure excitement . . . always asking for more - like "more mail truck, mommy" (as if I can somehow make one magically appear).  And his last fascination is "Thomas the Tank Engine".  He can very cutely sing about half of the words to the theme song and will sing to himself often when playing with his train table.

Like his father, he really likes to watch sports - doesn't matter what sport. And he loves music.  We have not made a conscious effort to introduce him to children's music, which he gets plenty of at school.  We just don't own any!  So it was not surprising this morning that I heard him singing a "Death Cab for Cutie" song ("You are a Tourist") to himself.  Brian's mission is to expose him to his music.  He can also sing the ABCs now and can count to 20.  But many times if I try to sing with him, he says "no mommy".  That is a favorite phrase of his right now.

For all of his sweetness, I should note that we are very much entering the terrible twos.  Temper tantrums are more and more frequent these days.  Time-outs are a daily occurrence - usually more than once a day.  Today, after telling him not to drive his toy car into the street, he headed immediately for it.  He is constantly testing us.  And when he doesn't get his way, it usually results with him laying on the ground crying.  He can turn on those tears on a dime.  This is only the beginning and so I'm not looking forward to more and more of this.

A minor miracle happened this past weekend as we were able to get a formal picture taken of Evan for his 2nd birthday.  The man at Picture People really worked for this one because this boy does NOT SIT STILL!  
This morning, he was happy to pose for the frog chair as he had just seen his brother doing the same yesterday. 
He then got goofy, trying to lay on the frog like Eric was able to do:
In the morning, Evan, Eric & I met Brianna, Ashley and Dillon at an indoor play gym.  Evan was hesitant at first but warmed up after a little while.  After the gym, we came home to have lunch.  We had Phillies tickets but were not planning on attending because it was pouring rain all morning.  With the game starting at 1:00, we decided to go at 12:30 after seeing the worst of the weather had already passed through.  We got there in the 3rd inning and stayed until the end of the 8th inning.  It was Eric's first game and Evan's 5th game.  Evan didn't catch a nap on the way in, so he was a bit on the tired side.  But he was able to sit in the chair for 90 minutes and just watch.  
 Here is Eric - he slept through the whole game!
Eventually he started asking to go back to the car, so we knew it was time to leave.  He passed out within minutes of getting into the car with his lovey on his head:
We weren't able to get a picture of the Felt boys in their Phillies gear at the stadium, so here they are outside of our house afterwards: 
Evan got to choose whatever he wanted to have for dinner, which was chicken nuggets and french fries.  After dinner, we sang "Happy Birthday" to him:
 After a few tries, he actually blew the candle out:
 And then he got started on the cupcake:
 Silly boy:
Evan continues to bring lots of fun and love into our lives.  While the last 2 years have flown by, it's also hard to remember when he wasn't a part of our family. 

Monday, May 14, 2012

Eric is 2 months old!

Our little man turned 2 months old yesterday!  He went to the doctor today and weighs 10 lbs, 11 oz and is 22 inches long.  He continues to be on the small side for his age but he's growing consistently at least.  He is a happy, easy-going baby.  And now that he's gotten a little bit bigger, he has really started improving on his sleep.  He is now going for 6-7 hours in a row without needing to eat - not too bad for a little guy.

Here are his frog pictures - look at those skinny legs.  
And as a comparison, here is Evan at 2 months . . . MUCH bigger and rounder :) He was 1 oz shy of 13 pounds (80th percentile) but was the same height. We call have always called Evan our "munchkin" for his shape.  And now Eric is our "peanut".  I still don't think the boys look anything alike.  I see all of my family in Evan and all of Brian's side in Eric.  But when others see Eric, they say he looks like his brother.  I guess time will tell if they look alike as they get older, but my guess is going to be no. 
Here is Evan giving Eric a kiss during his photo session.  He has really taken to his brother in the last month - he is constantly showering him with kisses and gentle pats: