Monday, November 9, 2015

Halloween 2015

Halloween was a beautiful day and the boys were very excited to be dressed in their costumes for trick-or-treating.  Evan loved being a spider and scaring his arachnophobic mother
And I absolutely love the giraffe costume on Eric:

This outtake was adorable - love Eric's pose:
Our neighbors got us invited to a neighborhood party, which was nice.  We met so many people that I can't really tell you anyone's name.  But it was at least nice to get to meet the folks who we live near.  Here is the group right before we parted ways for trick-or-treating:
And we are on our way to trick-or-treating:
And just one last Halloween themed photo is from our trip to the zoo the weekend before Halloween - this one is Eric amongst the giraffes.  It loos like the giraffe in the background is checking out the newest addition:
All in all, we had a great Halloween and am now ready to start thinking about the holidays.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

School Halloween Parades

On October 30th, we took the afternoon off to attend the boys' Halloween parades at school.  Here was Evan when he saw us during his kindergarten parade:
Mrs. Winnick's PM class:
My spider:
My budding photographer (Evan) took this picture:
Brian & Evan waiting for Eric's parade to start:
Nana, Brian & Evan:
And now Eric's parade.  There were lots of kids and it moved very quickly, so this is the only picture I got:
It was so fun watching their parades and they were so happy to have Nana there to watch them too.  I have some really good ones from Halloween that I'll post next time.