Sunday, October 21, 2012

Fall Festival

West Goshen Park has a fall festival every year, including hay ride, pumpkin patch and treats for the kids.  I took a million pictures and I am putting half of them here.  Here are the boys on the hayride - Evan only had eyes for the tractor that was pulling us:
Evan first excited to pick two pumpkins, but then they seemed to be a bit heavy:
Looking up at his daddy:
Now three to choose from:
And he's off:
Eric enjoyed himself too:
Trying to get both boys to pose for a photo at the same time - this was the best we could get:
Close up on Evan:
Eric making his way towards a pumpkin:
Playing with hay: 
Evan coloring his pumpkin afterwards:
Happy boy:
Me with my boys:
We headed to the playground afterwards.  Evan currently loves the swings.  He can't pump the swing himself but his dad is happy to push him high (too high, in my opinion):
Pretending to get punched when swinging up.  Love this: 
Eric just taking it all in:
All in all, it was one busy weekend.  Brian took Evan to the zoo on Saturday and then to another fall festival in the afternoon.  I was in NJ for the first part of the weekend at my cousin's baby shower.  Then today was this fall festival and then out to dinner.  It's a great time of the year to enjoy the outdoors so we'll take it before it's too cold to do much of anything outside. 

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