Sunday, October 13, 2013

West Chester Railroad

We headed out today to go to the Wilmington Railroad for a train ride.  Upon looking at the website at the beginning of our drive, I found out it was unexpectedly closed today.  Since the boys were so excited to go on a train ride, we had to quickly figure out a different plan.  And thankfully West Chester has a historic railroad line as well.  The railroad cars are from the 1930's and it takes about a 30 minute ride each way, with a stop to get off at the turn-around point.  Both boys had a lot of fun.  Here Eric and Brian were having a great time on the ride out from West Chester to Glen Mills:

At the stop at the end of the line, the boys got to play in the leaves, throw sticks into the river and gave each other some hugs:

Loves to smile:

The train in the background:

It was a nice little afternoon activity for the boys to enjoy on a fall afternoon.

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