Thursday, March 19, 2015

Eric's 3rd Birthday

Eric turned 3 years old this past Friday!  He really understood what it meant to be his birthday this year and was talking about it all week with us.  Nana & Papa arrived with Morgan on Friday night.  After dinner, they gave him his present - a new Lightening McQueen bicycle!
After playing outside, it was inside for some singing and cupcakes:
We had a small bounce-house birthday party on Saturday morning.  We did a Disney Cars theme.  I love these personalize edible cupcake toppers that I got on Etsy:
Eric bouncing:
Cousins, Matthew & Evan
Eric doesn't want to pose for pictures lately, so we had to hang him upside down to get a picture with his best friend, Brennan:
The boys:
More of the cupcakes:
Couldn't get a good shot of the whole group:
Getting ready to sing:
 During the singing, our friend was singing quite comically and Eric just kept watching him:
Blew the candle out on the first try! On the night before, he spent 5 minutes and couldn't blow it out, so we were all surprised:
 Sunday morning couch time with Nana:
And Sunday afternoon, Brian, Morgan, Evan and I went ice skating.  We had tried it in the year prior with Evan and he didn't like it too much.  This year, he definitely enjoyed it more and Morgan did really well too:
More to come on Eric's 3 year stats soon but I'll give you a sneak peak. . . he's still short and too skinny :(

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