Saturday, April 16, 2016

Eric's 4th Birthday

Evan's 4th birthday was celebrated with a small party at Chuck E Cheese's . . . which is one of his favorite places to visit.  He got to be a superhero for a day:
Playing his all-time favorite game . . . racing cars, of course:

 Chuck E Cheese came to pay a visit:
Claire came from NJ for the party:
As did cousin Morgan:
After the pizza, it was time for the cake :
Eric loves soccer!
Singing time:

Onto blowing out the candles:
Next, Eric got to into the ticket blaster, though he wasn't successful at grabbing any tickets and was near tears at the end asking if I could come in with him.  His party girl was very nice and gave him the 1,000 golden ticket because he walked out empty handed:
 The birthday boy with his mom and dad:
Eric traded in his 1,000 golden ticket for a sword:
And some last minute climbing through the playground with Matthew:
Eric is still talking about his birthday so I'd say it was a big success!

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