Tuesday, September 20, 2011

An apple a day . . .

Looks like we've created a new fall family tradition - apple picking! We woke up to the most beautiful fall day on Sunday morning and headed to Highland Orchards for some quality time in Evan's favorite place . . . "outside" (which he tells us about every moment that we are inside). As you can tell, he was happy to begin the day's adventure:
Trying to pick an apple with his father's help:Heading to see if there are more apples down the line:

And then they came back:

He loved walking in the tall grass, though it was difficult at times. I also love these overalls on him:
Next it was time to sample an apple. Evan doesn't like the texture of any fruits, but I had bitten all of the skin off and he thoroughly enjoyed just sucking on the apple. I'm really happy with how these next few pictures turned out:

And now Evan was probably thinking "that's enough of the pictures":
Those lips are too kissable:

A funky looking apple we found:
Heading down the path to check out more apples:
And now we're on our way home (one of the few pictures I'm actually in):
After we picked our apples, we headed to see the animals on the farm. And bought some cider donuts to enjoy on the ride home. I'm already looking forward to next year's trip.

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