Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Fall Fun

Based on my infrequency of posts, you can tell I've been a bit busy lately . . . mostly with work, unfortunately. This post is a few weeks overdue but continues where I left off last time with a visit from my entire family for the weekend in early October.

On Sunday morning, we headed to Marlborough Valley Corn Maze ( in Kennett Square. It was a perfect place for the boys to play for a few hours.

First stop were the piles of hay, which the boys could climb and run on as well as jump off of into a pit of hay:
Evan running on the hay:

Evan couldn't get enough, though he wasn't old enough to jump. Maybe next year!

Next we headed to the "sandbox", which was filled with corn kernels. Evan getting tickled by his dad in the corn:Matthew joining in on the fun:

More fun in the corn for Matthew:
Next onto the enormous corn maze. Evan loved running through the corn maze :Evan wanting to take a break from his running. His favorite phrase is currently "Up Please" (while also making the sign for "please"). It works every time because it's just too cute for me to resist when he does it.

Evan decided the already-cut path of the maze was too easy so he just ducked straight into the corn stalks. It was a lot easier for him being short but we were forced to follow:

Next it was onto the hayride to the pumpkin patch. Two attempts at a family photo . . . unfortunately for us, our photogenic ready-to-smile little guy is no longer ready for a photo shoot at any time:

And one of the Schaller family:

We will definitely be going back next year and I would higly recommend it.

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