Monday, October 10, 2011

Dutch Wonderland

My family came to visit for the weekend and we had an action-packed weekend. On Saturday morning, we headed to Dutch Wonderland in Lancaster. It was Evan's first amusement park visit, and while he was still a bit young to fully enjoy the park, his cousin Matthew had a blast. Evan would not ride any rides alone (even with Matthew) but he was happy to ride as long as Brian or I joined him. One of the rides he loved was the Fun Slide. He and Brian are on the right here and my dad and Matthew are on the left:Following the slide, everyone but my mother and I decided to ride the log flume. It started out innocently enough:

And here they go down the big drop at the end. Shouldn't Brian have both hands on Evan at this point?

Just after the complete soaking of the riders. Keep in mind that I watched 20 people go down this before them and no one got wet. But I guess the total weight and distribution of the log was not working in their favor:

The soaking wet survivors of the log flume:

Claire's first "ride" - a scenic boat tour:

Matthew, Brian and Evan driving the monster trucks:

More pics to come from the weekend as we went to a pumpkin patch on Sunday.

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