Sunday, November 25, 2012


I unfortunately left my digital camera memory card in Elmira, so no one will get to see Thanksgiving pictures until a few weeks from now when I see Janet & Vinnie again.  In the meantime, this gives me a perfect chance to catch up on some posts I'd been wanting to do.

Cartwheel photos are a small hobby of mine.  The tradition started in college - back in the days before digital film.  This is my first cartwheel photo from spring break in the Bahamas.  It's with Kelly (I'm the one in the background).  Knowing how difficult it is to capture the right moment now that I've done this a hundred times with a digital camera, I'm surprised looking back at how great this photo turned out in one take. Big thanks to the photographer (Chris :) 
This one was taken in the Outerbanks back in 2008:
 This one was taken at night in Venice in 2008:
Most recently in Central Park (November 2012):
One of my more idiotic ideas . . . at 9 months pregnant.  What I haven't shown here is how I collapsed under the extra weight but avoided landed on my belly thankfully.  Looking back, it's pretty funny:
And probably one of my top three favorite photos, taken in Sedona in 2007.  I can't explain how much I love this one.  Taking this photo was pretty much as dangerous as it looks.  The drop off on either side would have killed me.  The platform was much wider than the balance beams I was used to so it didn't seem overly dangerous at the time.  But I don't think I'd have the courage to do it again today:
I know I've taken others over the years but am having trouble finding them in my files.  And though I'm getting older and can't quite cartwheel like I used to, I hope I can continue on with this tradition for as long as possible.

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