Saturday, February 16, 2013

Eric is 11 months old

Eric turned 11 months old this week!  I think this frog picture may just be my favorite.  He was so smiley and cooperative - hamming it up for the camera.  Eric was at the doctor this week for a sick visit - first ear infection and first dose of antibiotics at 11 months, which is pretty good as far as I'm concerned.  We hadn't been for a sick visit since October so I can't complain at all.  He got weighed with his clothes on and was up to 19 lbs and 23rd percentile.  His weight was a little overinflated but I was thrilled.  Eric is taking lots of steps now - he has probably connected 8 steps or more.  I wouldn't say that he's walking yet because he still choose crawling over walking but I think we are really close.  He loves to get himself to standing without holding onto anything and stand there practicing his balance.  He is also getting to be more talkative.  He will say "uh oh", "ball" and "choo choo".  He also will imitate the sneezing sound if we do it.  Overall, he continues to be happy and easy-going.  I can't believe this is almost our last frog picture and that my little baby will be 1 next month! 
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