Monday, February 25, 2013

Janet's Surprise 60th

Brian and his family planned a surprise 60th party for his mother this past weekend on Saturday night.  We told her we were coming home for her birthday and would be taking her out to dinner (just the 4 of us) to a steak restaurant nearby.  Little did she know that there would be 15 of us celebrating her birthday in a private room at the steakhouse.  We had arranged for babysitting for the boys and even planned a "fake" party for Sunday of our weekend in town.  
The table is set, just waiting for the guests to arrive.  Since we were bringing Janet with us, I didn't have an excuse to bring my camera with me.  So thank you very much to Michele for taking the photos:
Brian, Janet, Vinnie & me:
As part of the surprise, Brian sent out a message to all of Janet's friends and family asking for letters of memories . . . to get her to 60 memories for her 60th birthday.  Brian collected and organized all of the letters. As of Saturday morning, we had 58 letters compiled and had the idea of the grandkids doing a few letters to get us to the 60th mark.  Evan colored a page for her and Morgan wrote a short note too.  Michele made the beautiful flower arrangements in the antique tea-pots she had collected:
And a group shot of all of the guests:
We had a great time and, more importantly, Janet had an even better time. I just hope my boys are half as thoughtful as Brian was for his mother with this party!  Thanks to everyone who made it such a success!

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