Sunday, June 23, 2013

Eric at 15 Months

Eric turned 15 months old last week. He's really started talking in the last few weeks.  He went from having almost no words to having over 20.  Ironically, of all of his words, "mama" or "mommy" isn't one of them.  He currently calls both Brian and me "daddy". He is repeating a lot now.  He's learning his animal sounds, loves reading books, enjoys playing with the train set and watching Thomas.  At his check-up, we found out he was 20 lbs, 8 oz, which put him at 14th percentile.  I was never so happy to have him hit double digits of weight percentile because we have to work for every ounce that he weighs :)  As a contrast, Evan was 26 lbs at 15 months. And even more surprising, Eric moved up to 8th percentile for height 2 ft, 5.75 inches.  

We are entering into the tantrum/misbehaving age now.  Since Evan is in a phase of hitting us, Eric has picked up on that and swings at us when he's not happy or not getting his way.  We have started time-outs with him now too as he cannot continue to accept the hitting.  And he has just begun to bite our shoulder when we're holding him.  Oh how I did NOT miss the biting stage and this is just the beginning of that too.

Last week, Eric had to have a minor surgical procedure done.  It was a lot for this little guy to go through and he handled it as best he could.  Here he is acting silly and putting his lovey on his head while we were in the waiting room:
After the surgery, he was sleeping so peacefully that he could barely wake up.  Compared to his brother who comes out of anesthesia like a bucking bronco, Eric was so calm and peaceful.  We took him out half asleep and when he finally woke up, he just smiled at us.
The next few days were rough as he developed a 103 fever, needed some additional (painful) tests done and then we had trouble getting his bandages off.  One of the nights, he fell asleep laying on me in bed and it had been such a long time since he'd done that that I had to just soak it up.
Hopefully no more surgeries for this little guy anytime soon.  He still isn't 100% yet and I'm so ready for him to be back to his normal, happy self . . . and for him to sleep in like his normal self.

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