Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father's Day Weekend 2013

We had a very low-key father's day weekend.  On Saturday, the boys settled in for some Thomas episodes in our bed and snuggled together for a brief moment.  It was really cute - Evan's left arm is wrapped around his brother.  
After a hike at Ridley Creek State Park in the morning, we headed to the Wilmington Blue Rocks game in the evening.  Here we are all seated for a few minutes - after this, we chased the boys around the stadium.  After about 4 innings, Evan was asking to go home and Eric was insisting on climbing the stadium steps over and over and over and over.  We were on the road home by 7:30 but it was a fun to get out for a little while:
On Sunday, after I was ready to pass out from blowing bubbles, we pulled out a bubble maker Eric had gotten as a gift last year.  Here Eric is very intrigued and a little unsure of the bubble maker:
 As long as the bubbles didn't surround him, he was very happy and wanting to pop them:
But if the bubbles started to surround him, he would drop to the ground to try to army crawl under them.  And if they got too close, he started hysterically crying.  It may look like he took a fall here but he didn't - he was just trying to army crawl away from the bubbles. I have to chuckle every time I look at it:
Evan, on the other hand, had no fear of the bubbles:
 He was loving it and kept asking all night if we could take the bubble maker back out:
Loving it:
Brian and Eric: 
Surprisingly our first "flying" picture of Eric.  This one was scary!
 Mr Happy:
Evan refuses to get in a picture so Brian snuck up behind him.  Better than nothing I guess:
Happy Father's Day!

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