Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter 2014

Easter 2014 was a lot of fun.  Both boys were very exciting and had been talking about the Easter bunny visiting for a few weeks now.  Evan was especially excited as he had really been hoping the Easter bunny would bring him the toy plane he had been talking about for months:

And the Easter bunny did not disappoint.  Ripslinger was waiting for Evan in his basket!
Egg hunting time:
Mouth full of candy:
And Evan just couldn't put down the trains:
Evan helping his brother find the eggs:
 Did I mention he loved the planes?
Onto some pictures outside:
Evan loves to give kisses.  Look at how sweet they are holding hands too:
Happy boys . . . only because there was a there was candy at the end of this photo shoot if they cooperated:
Our happy boy:
It feels like it was just yesterday when Evan wore this outfit to Easter (Easter 2012):
Evan actually enjoying himself while getting his picture taken:
There was no one at home to take our picture on Easter morning at my mom's.  So we tried ourselves with the timer.  But I couldn't get the lighting right - no flash and it was too dark or with flash and it was too bright.  Oh well - we tried!
Later on in the day, Evan was into climbing trees:

Another attempt at a family shot: 
Tis the season to get outside to take pictures.  I am loving this weather!

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