Sunday, April 27, 2014

Longwood Gardens April 2014

We had visitors this weekend - Janet & Vinnie came to town to visit for a few days and we wanted to show them Longwood Gardens at tulip time.  Going to Longwood with two little boys under age 4 doesn't necessarily lead to the most relaxing experience, but we had fun and the boys enjoyed running around and burning off a lot of energy.  Here the boys are with Nana:
Another one.  Getting everyone to look good in a picture is nearly impossible:
But Eric & Nana looked great in this one:
Having fun:
Burning off that energy by running everywhere:
Sitting down to look at the water:
Rare family photo:
Shoulder ride:
Nice one of Nana, Papa and the boys:
Probably my favorite shot of the day. The hydrangea and lilies were amazing, as was Eric as the model:
Evan's turn:
Some of the outtakes from the hydrangea shoot.  Couldn't get a good one of the two boys together:
Brian with the boys:
Nana & Papa:
My favorite photo of Evan from today - his most natural smile:
Hanging upside down at the tulips:
And one of me with my baby boy:
We had a great weekend and were happy to have the company!

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