Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Evan's 4th Birthday Party!

Evan turned 4 last week!  I will be taking him tomorrow to get his 4 year old stats and will do a general update on Evan at age 4 at that time.  But this past weekend, we invited his friends from school to celebrate his 4th birthday at a local bounce house place.  On Friday night, Nana, Papa & Morgan arrived for the weekend.
Eric and Morgan going down the big slide:
The crew in the bounce house:
A few really cute pics of Claire:
What a little sweetie pie:
And Morgan looking so cute with her missing teeth:
Nana and Morgan:
The Weiss ladies with the newest addition, Andrew:
The kids sitting down for pizza:
Evan and his BFF, Liam.  
A Planes cake for the birthday boy who is obsessed with Planes:
Getting ready to sing:
During the singing, Evan kept wanting to kiss me.  It was quite comical. I think maybe he was embarrassed by everyone looking at him:
Me laughing at all of the kisses:
 Matthew ready for his cake:
Dee-dee and Andrew:
After the party, Evan and Matthew having fun driving around the yard:
And Claire enjoying some Doritos:
It was a great day . . . though we woke up to Evan having the stomach bug on Sunday morning so it definitely was a bit of a roller coaster of a weekend.  Thankfully that stomach bug stayed away until the party was over with!

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