Sunday, June 8, 2014

Sesame Place 2014

Last Monday (6/2), we decided to take a half day off of work and take the boys to Sesame Place.  I had been wanting to get there before the majority of schools were out so that the crowds would be minimal.  We could not have had a better day to go.  It was in the high 70's, sunny and the park was fairly empty.  We didn't wait for any ride longer than one line's worth.  And our kids aren't the most adventurous when it comes to rides or characters, so this could have ended up being a big bust.  But they surprised us!  They still weren't a fan of characters.  Evan wouldn't even get in line to meet Elmo.  And, well, the look on Eric's face says it all:
I didn't get the picture in time but Eric was holding on to Brian's neck so tightly that Brian put his arms out sideways and Eric was just hanging there.  
We went on our first ride, the carousel, and Eric was crying to get off.  I was thinking the day would be doomed and we were still at least 15 years away from getting to Disney.  But then Evan discovered the water slides . . . and he LOVED them.  This was a really big one that went through a tunnel.  But as long as he could share a tube with his dad, he was willing to try anything.  He rode this one 5 times in a row!
Sesame Place had just opened a new area called Cookie Monster Land on our visit and this was an Oscar the Grouch themed ride that they both loved:
Evan even got adventurous putting his hands up:
And the "teacups" were a hit.  I don't have the stomach for spinning rides anymore, though, so I just watched.  
Let me preface also that my kids won't ride any ride that goes off the ground by more than 2 inches.  There was an Elmo ride not too different from the Dumbo ride at Disney and they weren't going on that . . . or anything that went off of the ground.  But we somehow convinced Evan that the roller coaster stays on the track and does not leave the ground.  He had been saying before we got there that he would ride the roller coaster now because he was four, but the moment he entered the park, he was refusing.  Well, by the end of the day, he had worked up some courage because here he is . . . first seat!  Throughout the ride, he was telling me he was scared and he did not like it, but he went on again with Brian right after he was done with the first ride.  So maybe Disney is a little closer than had been thinking it would be!
And here is Eric smiling on the last ride of the day:
We had a fantastic time!  Evan has asked us if Santa can bring him a water slide for Christmas.  I don't think that is going to happen, but I did find a water park near where we are going on vacation in July so we will definitely be visiting there.

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