Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Virginia Beach Part 1

We spent a few summers with our cousins in Virginia Beach back when we were growing up . . . when we weren't at the Jersey Shore.  We would spend the week playing on the beach and bunking together in one room.  I still remember our trips there even now.  Here are some pics from back in the day (Lauren, Michael, Chris (not present this year), Megan & Christa).  These were the good, old days:
Another group photo.  Christa, Megan, Lauren (top row) with Michael on the bottom right.
Fast forward about 30+ years and we were back in Virginia beach again, this time in an amazing house filled with children of our own:
Theses 7 kids (plus two babies not pictured) were re-creating our childhood memories and getting to know each other a little bit better in one amazing house:
An amazing house that had both an indoor and outdoor pool:
Perfect for children tossing:
The ice cream truck seemed to drive our house by every 5 minutes:
We were just across the street from the beach, so an evening kite-flying walk was the highlight one night:
Evan running with his kite:
Eric's turn:
He was having quite a good time:
Not only did our house have 21 people in it (12 adults and 9 children ages 7 and under), there was another house of Weisses two blocks away (3 aunt/uncle couples and their 7 children and one additional cousin who came without her parents).  We never got a picture of the whole crew but here were a few hanging out one night at our place:
More pictures to come - this is just the first batch.

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