Sunday, October 19, 2014

Brian Completes a Half Marathon!

This past weekend, we headed to Atlantic City (without the kids) so that Brian and our good friends, Beth and Brianna, could run the AC Half Marathon.  We arrived on Friday night and headed out to a great dinner.  Saturday, the guys gambled and the girls outlet shopped before an early pasta dinner.  And on Sunday, it was off to the race bright and early.  Here are a few photos of the race.  Here is Beth at mile 1:
Here is the sign that the boys and I made for Brian.  Except I made the guys hold the sign so I could take pictures.  They were thrilled.  We call this one "My three dads":
Brian at mile 6 - right on pace and looking good:
The support team taking a selfie.  We had a blast watching the race:
Brian looking great at the finish:
Smiling because that finish line is in sight:
Head down to the finish:
With his medal.  Brian finished the race in 1 hour, 43 minutes and 55 seconds.  His goal was 1:45 so he beat it.  And his average pace was 7:55 per mile!  He finished 78th out of 1,204 runners and 16th in his age group!  I am so unbelievably impressed and proud.
And here comes Beth to the finish:
And the happiest runner out there was Bri, looking fantastic at mile 13:
The three finishers:
Brian and I at the finish:
It was such a great time all weekend long.  Extra thanks to Nana & Papa for watching the boys so we could enjoy some the whole weekend of race events!

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