Friday, October 3, 2014

Rocky Acre Farm - Part 2

The fun continued on the farm as the days went on.  Here are all of the kids (including one big "kid" in the white sweatshirt):
Here Papa was pulling Evan, Eric and a stranger in a wagon:
Probably the highlight for the boys is their time spent with the farm cats and kittens.   They are obsessed!  If only their dad wasn't allergic, I'm pretty sure we would have come home with one:
This is the kitten's house.  It is tiny and I found Eric had crawled in there.  Gross!

There is also a big playhouse for the kids.  They would go in there, close the doors and trap their "children" inside there.  Evan would rock in the rocking chair and they would put the kitten in the cradle:

The boys "play children":
Eric with his favorite kitten:
 Onto feeding the pony and goats the leftover breakfast food (waffles and pancakes):
Love this photo of Eric walking up the farm road:
Evan may end up being a vet as an adult.  He loves his animals and has no fear.  Here he is giving Cupcake a kiss:
We also went into Amish Lancaster and took a horse & buggy ride.  Here we are in our buggy:
On our final morning, the farmer let Evan drive the tractor.  Look at the color of that sky.  Gorgeous!
And we spent the morning hanging out on the swing before having to head home:
We played a game "Raise your hand if you love . . . ".  This one might have been "Raise your hand if you love Derek Jeter":
And onto our last "ride" of the day, the ATV ride through the woods.  Evan driving as usual:
I've said it before but this place is the best.  We will hopefully be going back again next year!

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