Saturday, November 1, 2014


Halloween day was a lot of fun.  We sent Eric to school with his lion costume and we had our fingers crossed that he would actually wear it.  It wasn't quite a surprise when his class walked out and he was the ONLY kid in the whole school who refused to put on his costume.  But the smile when he saw us at the parade was priceless - he took off in a full sprint.
And this was his face when he realized he had to continue on in the parade and couldn't stay with us it was all over:
Along came Evan, holding his teacher's hand and looking so proud to be dressed as a baseball player:
Swinging for the fences:
The boys together:
And a family shot:
Deedee and Pops came down to see the boys in the parade.  Unfortunately, Eric was being camera shy at this time:
So when it came time for trick-or-treating, we were worried Eric would not be in costume.  We told him he couldn't go trick-or-treating unless he was dressed up.  He was not into the lion costume, so we pulled out Evan's 2-year-old cow costume and he was much more excited for it.  He did not want to wear the headpiece, so we only were able to have it on for the picture, but this was better than no costume:
A comparison to Evan as the same cow:
We started out trick-or-treating with a group of neighbors and friends.  Of course, my camera-shy boys wouldn't take a picture with the whole crew.  But about halfway through, we split up and had our neighbor's cousin (also Eric's BFF at school), Brennan, with us.  They finally agreed to a photo.  Eric and Brennan loved trick-or-treating together.  Notice Brennan's lion costume - this is what Eric was supposed to be.  We had high hopes he'd want to wear his lion costume at school to match his friend, but that didn't work.  
And now onto the candy, which will probably take about 3 months to finish eating.

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