Sunday, November 30, 2014

White Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving brought an unusually early snow storm.  Our plans to leave on Wednesday were moved up to Tuesday so that we could travel safely before the storm started.  So on Wednesday when the snow started falling, we were all excited to go play in the snow:
Evan being a big helper and shoveling Nana's sidewalk:
Caylee had fun making snowballs:
And a rare photo of Nana & Papa with 4 of their 6 grandchildren:
The four grandchildren together:
Morgan laughing after throwing a snowball at her Nana:
And Caylee with an extra large snowball:
Later on at night, Nana and the kids snuggled in on the couch to watch a movie:
On Thanksgiving Day, Aunt Shelley was happy to take a family photo of us.  Unfortunately, Evan was watching football while we took this one:

And on Thanskgiving day, Evan got some snuggle time in with Lily:
We also got to visit the lake for a day (too cold to pull the camera out).  And got to go see a Christmas parade in Sayre.  It was a fun few days and the perfect way to kick off the holiday season!!

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