Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Evan's 5th Birthday - Milky Way Farms

We held Evan's 5th birthday party at Chester Spring Creamery and Milky Way Farms.  It was a little different than the standard party we are used to but we decided to take our chances with the weather and plan something that would be partially outside. Thankfully the weather held up for us. The party started off at the creamery, where the kids did a farm craft and followed that with pizza and ice cream.  Here is Evan with Deedee just as the party was starting:
 Time to sing to the birthday boy:
And blow out the candle:
After the food was eaten, we headed off to a tour of the farm by the farmer.  Here is our group gathering for the tour:
The crew on their way to see the pigs:
Evan feeding the pigs:
A cow staring me down:
Evan was loving being the center of attention on his special day:
Brian was a helper, taking ahold of the chicken to bring it out for the kids to play with:
The kids all gathering around to feed the chicken:
Chase up close with the chicken:
Next it was onto feeding the baby cows - both Morgan and Claire below:
At home after the party, these two cousins love each other so much:
The birthday boy happy after a successful party!
More to come soon with Evan's 5 year old stats.  Thanks to everyone who helped celebrate Evan's birthday with us!

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