Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Another trip to the Please Touch Museum

We headed to the Please Touch Museum on January 7th with a large crew (7 adults and 6 kids). Evan has been there twice before but long before he could appreciate it. Here is running into the musuem:
And here I am trying to get in a photo with him:
He could have stayed at the "duckies" for the entire time. After a half hour, we had to drag him away crying. But we could play with ducks at bath time and it was time to move on:
We headed to Alice in Wonderland downstairs:

And over to the big truck, which he was happy to pretend to drive:
And onto the mail truck next:
Probably my favorite part of the museum is the miniature grocery store. Evan had a blast pushing around his own cart:
He didn't want to put too much in his cart and usually immediately removed whatever was put in there:
Still pushing around his empty cart:
He loved this exhibit where the ball is being held up by forced air:
And an attempt to get a good number of kids on the mini train. Evan wanted nothing to do with this:

All in all, it was a fun trip. But Evan really does not enjoy having his photo taken right now . . . which is why these blog updates are few and far between.

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