Thursday, January 5, 2012

Christmas Past & Present

Since this blog wasn't around last Christmas, I feel the need to post some pictures from last year. This picture below is probably my favorite one ever taken of Evan . . . back in the days when he would actually sit still and smile for the camera:How different does he look?Happy, happy baby:Fast forward to one year later . . . and this is what it looks like when we try to take a picture of him:Unfortunately, illness put a BIG damper on Evan's Christmas. But I'll start with Christmas Eve, which was day 1 of his hand-foot-mouth disease. It was not too bad - fever started and some sores started appearing. Evan got to go to Aunt Karen & Uncle Cliff's house for Christmas Eve and got to see their horse, Chief. Evan is loving horses right now and was just staring in wonder when he saw Chief for the first time:Here he is helping feed Chief

Afterwards, he jumped onto the tractor with cousin Morgan:
Family photos:

Happy baby with mommy (only because I'm tickling him):
Or he'll smile for the camera if you put him up to touch the ceiling:
Uncle Brian with Morgan and a running-away Evan:
Brian in one of our "ugly" sweaters. The sweater Janet is wearing won me 2nd place at an Ugly Christmas sweater party a few years back . . . though she thinks it's just beautiful:
Morgan & Evan playing with Uncle Cliff's train under the tree:
And here we are with our baby girl, Lily:

The rest of Christmas vacation . . . not so enjoyable and no more pictures. More on that later . . .

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