Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Evan's Got a New Room

In preparation for the new baby, we made the big move this week into Evan's "big boy room". We worked hard over Christmas vacation to get this room together and the furniture was delivered in mid-January. After a week of doing the bed-time routine in the new bed (but sleeping in the crib still), we thought he was ready. The first night was easy - a few tears but slept through the night. Last night, he cried a lot at bedtime and woke up crying 3 times during the night. We've got at least a month to get him adjusted before the new baby arrievs and hopefully each night gets better. Of course, he hasn't realized he can get out of his bed yet and it'll be a whole different story once he does. For now, he has this huge bed and sleeps like a frog on top of his pillow - using no more than 2 square feet of the bed space.

Here are some pics of the new room. The first looking in from the doorway:This is taken from the closet looking at the bed. And yes, we do need to work on artwork for the walls:
And finally from the windows looking out:

I think we are really on our way to being as ready as possible for baby #2 to make his/her appearance in the next month or two.

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