Friday, December 21, 2012

9 months old!

I feel like I say this every month, but where is the time going?  This first year is flying by at warp speed.  9 months old!!  Eric is into EVERYTHING these days.  He is all over the place - pulling himself up on anything, cruising around anything he can hold onto, climbing up and into things and wanting to play with whatever his brother is playing with.  He has taken to destroying the train table on occasion, which doesn't make Evan very happy.  He loves his Fisher Price basketball set and will sit there and shoot repeatedly.  In the past few weeks he has learned how to do "So big" (video coming soon) and will wiggle his head back and forth whenever we say "wiggly baby".  He is full of personality. 

His 9 month appointment didn't go so well.  The little guy is way under weight (15 lbs, 15 oz).  That put him in the lowest possible percentile.  He is 26.75 inches long (3rd percentile).  And his head is a little disproportionate at hte 50th percentile.  It didn't help that he had thrown up the entire contents of his stomach about 15 minutes before the appointment.  In any case, the doctor put us on a strict weight-gain plan to fatten him up.  It takes about double the effort to get the right amount of calories/fat in him each day, but he's doing well.  He was weighed today (one week later) and he'd gained a half of a pound.  That's impressive considering he'd gained 3 oz in 1.5 months before that . . . which is what prompted this weight issue.  Here is our little skinny minny posing on his frog chair:
Look at those chicken legs:
And quite comical comparison here.  Evan was almost 20 pounds at 9 months.  Chicken legs vs thunder thighs.  I'm afraid Eric has a long road ahead of him if he's ever going to be able to put up a fight against his older brother:

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