Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Christmas Card Madness

Taking the Christmas card picture was quite the comedy act this year.  First, let me say that Evan is quite the smart little boy.  He generally REFUSES to get his picture taken.  We wanted him to climb in the box because we thought it would be more "fun" for him.  He quickly said "no".  We then told him we'd give him an M&M to get in the box . . . he thought for a minute and then said "no".  We offered him an entire mini-pack of M&Ms and he climbed right into the box.  I then grabbed the camera and went to snap away, which is when I realized I had left my memory card in Elmira.  The kids were set up and ready to go and I was running around like crazy.  I found the memory card in my old point-and-shoot camera BUT it was full.  So we had the kids set up again, I tried to snap away and got the full error.  A few minutes later, I'd cleared off some pictures and we began. We started with Eric sitting in front of the box and, the moment we put him down, he would crawl away.  Then we tried them in the box together but Evan didn't want to share his personal space.  And finally ended with Eric standing up holding onto the box because then he couldn't move.  And of course Evan is in this phase where he makes this horrible cheesey face for pictures, so trying to get him NOT to do that was the most difficult part of all.  I thought it'd be funny to show a bunch of the out-takes. 
We ended up using the biggest one here but some of these others are really cute - for all different reasons.

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