Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve

Christmas festivities began with a pre-Christmas trip to Elmira to celebrate there.  After 10+ years of travelling 3.5 hours on Christmas Eve, we decided to allow the boys to wake up in their own homes on Christmas morning.  With a houseful of people and lots to do, I didn't manage to take many pictures.  In fact, the only one I did take was this one of Eric:
Christmas Eve consisted of celebrating with our good friends, the Carlisles.  We arrived and Eric was dressed to impress . . . and spent the first hour of our visit sleeping in his carseat:
Awake and ready to party:
Here comes trouble - Evan and Dillon riding on Dillon's tractor.  The next 30 minutes that ensued were hysterical - with Evan driving them full speed into the woods, Dillon getting tossed off, then crashing into our car and doing a 360 . . . all while the snow started to fall.  They had a blast:
We got home to a full-on snow fall and Evan was thrilled:
Eric's first snow:
Starting a Christmas Eve tradition of reading "Twas the Night Before Christmas" as was always done in my house growing up:
Trying to get a picture of the boys on the couch.  Of course, had to give Evan chocolate to even get him to sit, so he is feeding himself as we took this picture.  At least Eric looks cute:
Checking out the ornaments:
And a lit present:
Brian worked very hard to get the luminaries lit as well.  They look great, especially in the snow:
Looking forward to Santa's visit tonight and a chance to visit with more family tomorrow. Merry Christmas!

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