Monday, August 5, 2013

Another Weekend Away - Why Not?

If there is one thing this family is used to, it is traveling . . . in the car . . . for hours upon hours.  We headed back up to Elmira on Friday, to Keuka on Saturday (why not?) and to the Felt family reunion in Sayre on Sunday before driving home.  One thing that is pretty common on our road trips - fast food.  And this is our "bad" eater, chowing down on a full hamburger.  He's come a long way:
We got up on Saturday and drove back to Karen & Cliff's at Keuka Lake for a day with family.  Eric was certainly happy to be back:
I'm not sure what changed but, when we were here three weeks ago, Evan wouldn't so much as put his toes in the water.  Perhaps it was a trip to the beach that helped or a trip to the pool . . . but whatever it was, it worked.  This weekend, he was like a fish in the water and we couldn't get him out.  Here he and Morgan are having a blast playing in the water:
Diving in . . . yeah, he wouldn't put his feet in three weeks ago:
Full on swimming:
Eric checking out the scene in the water: 
Eric and Brian:
And high fives:
And the little fish even put on a life jacket and went into the deep water with Brian:
And swam pretty far away:
Next it was Eric's turn:
And then all three kids piled on:
High in the sky:
Eric wasn't so sure about the water but began to warm up to it:
Eric shooting a rocket into the lake:
Sitting on the steps with Papa:
Looking up to Brian:
Held captive on the deck:
Aunt Karen was nice enough to get a shot of all of us.  I realize that is the only picture I'm in the whole weekend:
Evan didn't take a nap for the day and insisted he wasn't tired when we were leaving to drive back to Elmira. Fast forward a few minutes and this was the scene in our backseat:
On Sunday morning, Nana, Morgan and Evan picked flower bouquet for me.  They ran around the yard to all of the flowers that they liked and brought them to me one-by-one.  Very sweet:
And Sunday afternoon, we headed over to the Felt family reunion where there were about 80 Felt family members gathered.  I'd never gone to one of these reunions before and Brian didn't even know many of the people, but it was fun to get to chat with some of the Felts.  Here are some of the Felt cousins hanging out:
Three generations of Felts - Brian's grandfather, Andy, and father, David, with Brian and the kids.  Eric wasn't too happy to be away from his mom in this picture:
All in all, it was a great weekend!  Getting home later on a Sunday is not too fun but we survived it.  And thankfully we have a weekend at home coming up . . . time to get a lot done around the house.  I think I'd rather be traveling :)

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