Sunday, August 18, 2013

Chris & William's Wedding

This past weekend, we got the pleasure of having a night away to attend my Chris's (my good friend from college) wedding.  It was in the Catskills in upstate NY - beautiful day and beautiful place for a wedding:
Kelly was there with us for the weekend and we were wearing matching yellow dressses:
Moving inside to the hotel lobby for some more photos:
Before and after pictures from college and today:
Kelly and I posing on the couch:
Now with Brian:
Now onto the wedding ceremony:

Not too many dry eyes in the house:
Enjoying the reception now:
More before and after:
Lucky guy:
Some very yummy cocktails:
One last before and after:
Posing at the reception:
Big thanks to my brother, Chip, and Jess (Uncle Chip & Aunt Jessie) for taking care of the boys overnight so that we could attend the wedding.  Evan is still talking about feeding the "fishies" with them over the weekend.

Two weddings down for the year . . . three to go!

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