Monday, August 19, 2013

More Touching of Trucks

Straight from the wedding, we drove back to West Chester right to the Touch-a-Truck event in our township.  These events were just made for little boys who are in their glory getting to jump into their favorite trucks.  I think Evan currently would like this more than Disney World.  Here he is driving a firetruck.  
Eric got in on some of the action driving a rescue truck.
Both boys in a truck:
Onto a tanker truck next: 
 All three boys waving to me from inside the tanker truck:
Onto a UPS truck:
And a crane!
Looking down from the crane at the camera:
Next up was the forklift.  Eric was just so tiny compared to these trucks:
So serious - he really thought he was doing something with these controsl:
One of his favorites - this string pulled one of the loudest horns you could imagine.  The whole parking lot was a "symphony" of horns. I think we needed some ear plugs for this event:
These two pictures just make me smile - Eric next to some large tires:
This was certainly not our last Touch-a-Truck event :)

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