Monday, September 29, 2014

Rocky Acre Farm - Part 1

Rocky Acre Farm Bed & Breakfast is an amazing place to spend a few days and get away from every-day life and back to the simple life.  We went last year as well and the kids could not wait to go back this year.  This year, Nana & Papa joined us. We arrived on Sunday afternoon and headed straight for the creek since the 80 degree weather was only going to be with us for that day.  Evan and Brian went out in the kayak:
The boys had their bathing suits on and we all had our water shoes on to go hiking through the shallow waters.  A very rare family photo:
The tire swing - one of my favorite scenes to take photos of.  Unfortunately, I couldn't get my shutter speed set right and most of them turned out pretty blurry.  But I got a few good ones.
Evan by himself - probably my favorite one of Evan all weekend.  I love this natural smile and laughter:
He liked it to spin really fast:
On our way back from the creek, we stopped to feed some goats:
Eric enjoying the farm:
After a good night's sleep, we got up bright and early and walked over to feed the baby cows.  Eric got a ride on Brian's shoulders on our walk over.  The scenery here is just incredible:
Here Brian is feeding two baby cows at once:
Evan loved these baby cows:
After breakfast, Evan was ready to take the crew on the "train" ride.  He was so serious with this face pretending to drive the ATV:
Evan with Papa:
But before the train ride, everyone got a chance to take a ride on Cupcake, the farm pony:
Eric too:
If only this one hadn't turned out slightly blurry:
I have lots more photos to come in another post later this week.  The kids are so happy here it's hard not to keep snapping away with the camera.

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