Monday, December 1, 2014

It's Beginning To Look a Lot Like Christmas

We returned from Elmira on Saturday at 1:30 and by evening, our tree was being set up.  Evan was very into the decorating this year.  He loved helping out and especially loved climbing the ladder to help decorate:
Pictures in the reflection of the mirror: 
Now helping Brian:
And the next day, it was all done and time to snuggle with Lily in front of the tree:
Eric didn't really want to help decorate, but he was happy to have his picture taken by the tree:
Eric's absolute favorite ornament is this Lightening McQueen that he's pointing to.  He looks at it whenever he can:
And on Sunday evening, we headed to Longwood Gardens to check out their holiday display:
I'm beginning to think we may never get a perfect family photo . . . but we'll keep on trying!
What was even cuter was Evan asking if Santa was going to come on the day we set up the tree.  He is so excited for Christmas this year, which means I am even more excited for Christmas this year.  25 days and counting!

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