Thursday, October 8, 2015

First Day of Kindergarten for Evan

Evan started his first day of Kindergarten at Pocopson Elementary on August 31st.  He was excited and nervous at the same time (as was I).  Here we are taking the first day of Kindergarten photo in front of our house:
Got a nice laugh out of him:
Eric wanted in on the action too and we didn't have a sign for him, so we pretended it was his first day of Kindergarten too:
And now with Brian before the big day:
Here we are ready to go into the school: 
And outside Mrs. Winnick's classroom:
Evan found his name on the class board:
And so far, Evan is doing well in his new school.  There were some rough mornings during the first few weeks during drop-off, but he seems to have settled in nicely now and is starting to make some friends.  The school is very, very  nice and we've already been to a few school events, including a kindergarten playground meet-and-greet and a movie night outside at the school.  At the movie night there was a dunk tank.  And you guessed it, Evan had one shot and he dunked Principal Beaver!  I didn't get to see it but Brian said only 3 kids dunked during the time he was watching and Evan was one of them.  We went to a new parent meet-and-greet this week too.  Here's to hoping things only get better as the year goes on!

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