Monday, October 5, 2015

Keuka 2015

Immediately following our move, we headed off to our annual long weekend at Keuka Lake.  This year, Janet & Vinnie have their very own place so we had a change of venue.  The kids were very happy to be hanging out with their Nana, Papa, aunts, uncles and cousins.  Evan was thrilled to be with Morgan:
And Deedee & Pops joined us for 2 nights this year too:
The cutest picture of these cousins:
Nana & Deedee with their "granddaughter":
Eric on the dock:
 Jumping off the new trampoline:
 Uncle Colin was the "taxi" for Eric, who didn't like getting wet:
Everybody hanging out on the trampoline:
The grandparents together:
And now the grandkids:
Out on the boat:
Sparklers at sunset:
More cousin pictures:
My family:
One of my favorite pictures of the summer:
Mr Cool in his sunglasses:
Continuing the photo session:
Cousins again:
Sparklers at the end of the second night:
We had an amazing time at the lake and even were able to make a second trip back this year for Labor Day!

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