Sunday, March 13, 2011

Family Fun

Brian's brother, Kyle, came back to the east coast from Alaska this weekend. That meant a road-trip for us to get together with many of Brian's family members. While the car ride to get there is not fun (4 hours long), once we are there it is always very relaxing. Compared to where I grew up (outside of NYC), it is a whole other world . . . one where having a horse is not unusual. Evan's first horse ride happened MUCH earlier in life than my first horse ride. My first was also at Brian's Aunt Karen's house, but I was 22 years old! I just love the look on Evan's face in this picture, where he's "riding" Chief (a 37 year old horse):

Throwing children in the air is a favorite sport of Brian's. And our niece Morgan was more than happy to be his tossing toy for the day. After this, we were exhausted and relaxed on the couch.

And finally one last shot with Brian's immediate family:

Our next trip to visit Brian's family will be in July, when we go to Aunt Karen & Uncle Cliff's lake house at Keuka Lake (one of the finger lakes). It is one of our favorite weekends of the year and we can't wait!

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