Thursday, March 17, 2011

Weiss It Up . . .

The Weisses are known for having LARGE appetites. My friends from work affectionately coined the slang term "Weiss it up" for eating someone's leftovers. For example, at lunch, if someone had fries leftover, I would be the one to eat them. If there were potato chips leftover, I would be the one to eat them. So, if anyone ever had leftover food, the question was asked "Do you want to Weiss that up?". Well, it seems that Evan is following in the Weiss footsteps. He may not be "advanced" in many of his milestones, but I have come to find out that he is far advanced for his age in eating. I spoke with my friend yesterday whose daughter is the same age as Evan and she informed me that her baby is eating mostly jarred baby food and puffs. Evan is largely refusing to let us feed him jarred baby food at this point and has moved to almost all table food. And he knows how to eat! My mother-in-law& her family watched in awe this weekend as Evan ate more food than the other kids there . . . the next youngest child was 4 years old. So last night, after I prepared his dinner, I shot a picture of it with my camera phone. It's not the best quality picture, but you get the idea. This was Evan's dinner (shown on a small plate) and he ate every last bite. It was chicken nuggets, sweet potato fries and mac-n-cheese. Unfortunately for us, he's refusing most fruits & vegetables now. But he certainly is enjoying his food . . . just like a true Weiss!

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