Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Great Outdoors

From the moment Evan was born, the best way to soothe him was to bring him outside. Luckily, Brian & I both love to be outside. Evan is currently teething, on top of having a cold . . . which makes for a bit of a cranky baby. So, despite the cold temps, we decided to take him out for a hike today. First, I just have to say - what a difference 9 months makes. We took the same hike on Father's Day and the pictures are taken in similar places on the hike:

I got to take a turn carrying him as we both quickly learned how HEAVY 20 extra pounds is to carry on your back. My "turn" lasted 15 minutes (as compared to Brian's 40 minutes). Evan didn't care who was carrying him - he had a smile on his face the whole time as he took in the scenery.

Lastly, a hike is just about the happiest thing for our first "child" to enjoy (our dog, Lily). She is so at home in nature and didn't mind taking a swim in the freezing cold waters of Ridley Creek.

We also spent the better part of our weekend enjoying a visit from Brian's family. We, unfortunately, were on the go so much that we didn't get to take any pictures. We had a great time visiting with our niece Morgan and enjoyed grandparent babysitting services while we went out to dinner to watch the basketball games. I'm hoping for the warm weather to hit soon so that we can enjoy more time outside.

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