Saturday, March 5, 2011

Girlfriends . . .

Evan is one lucky guy . . . because most of our friends who had babies around the same time as me had little girls. He has many lady friends and I just wanted to share these pictures.

First is a little girl named Lucy - her mom and I were best friends growing up. Evan is a MUCH older man (5 whole days) and Lucy was the first friend that he ever met. The picture on the left was their first meeting. And in the second picture, I think Evan wasn't quite ready for Lucy to put the moves on him.

Next up is Brynn. Brynn's mom and dad are great friends of ours. And I am also honored to be Brynn's Godmother. This picture on the left below is just one that I could look at all day. Two happy babies with big, chubby cheeks. I don't think we could capture that moment again if we tried for hours. The one on the right shows Evan's more aggressive side - watch out Brynn!

And these last two pics are also also two of my favorites. The left photo is a picture of Tryna and Evan. Tryna's mom and I went to college together, lived together and are best friends. Looks like Evan was hoping for a kiss. And the picture on the right is of Kaylie. It's a shame you can't see her precious face in this photo, but this picture was caught at just the right moment. In 16 years, he's going to wish Kaylie would hug him like that :)

And there are even more little girls in our lives now (along with a few boys for him to hang out with). But he sure is one lucky little guy :)

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