Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Fun Continues . . .

This little boy can't get enough of the ocean. He wants to be in it at all times!Family photo:Brian dug a hole for Evan to stand in. This picture makes it looks like Evan proudly dug the hole himself with a little shovel:Trying to work on my photography - had to edit this photo a bunch and the horizon shouldn't be slanted, but I do really like this shot a lot. Evan has just taken off with his walking and is even doing well on the beach with it!Evan & his mommy:Another with his daddy. This is all he wants to do!And what would a vacation with frisbee friends be without some frisbee? Not sure if you can even see it in this picture, but Brian is just catching the disc. This picture was taken around noon - you can see how completely empty the beach is. It is perfect here:

I just wish the week wasn't already more than halfway over :(

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  1. I absolutely LOVE this picture of Evan in the hole!! Such a great great shot!!