Thursday, June 2, 2011

More Baby Steps . . .

I have been doing a horrible job at writing in Evan's baby book b/c I put it away in his closet where he can't reach it (he had been trying to "read" it). So I wanted to document some of the things Evan is doing now that he is one year old:

- He knows the words "doggie", "daddy" and "ball" (which he says non-stop)
- If you ask him what a dog says, he will say "oof" in the quietest voice you've ever heard
- He continues to be skilled in his eating. He is feeding himself from a fork (though he can't get the food onto the fork himself yet)
- He is in LOVE with his father. I wish he had the same affection for me :)
- His favorite toy is any kind of ball. I think he can throw about as well as any 1-yr old can, but maybe I'm just being a proud mom.
- He is in love with our dog, Lily. He gives her the best hugs and she is a trooper for putting up with the constant abuse.
- Being in the water is one of his favorite activities. He can put his face in the water at the pool and in the tub. And generally throws a temper-tantrum when we take him out of the water.
- He is most certainly going through the separation anxiety phase as he screams if we are not holding him all of the time.
-He enjoys giving high-fives and has a long wind-up to his high-five

And while he's not walking yet, he took his first unassisted steps on Saturday, May 28th. It's the shortest video you may ever see so don't blink:

And here is a video of his first night attempting with the fork. As always, a natural-born eater:

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