Friday, June 3, 2011

Megan's Maternity Shots

I was lucky to become an aunt for the 3rd time last week when my sister gave birth to a baby girl, Claire Annabelle on May 26, 2011. And she had asked me to take some maternity photos for her a few days before her baby was born. I am no expert photographer but here was my attempt:
Here is the whole family:And one with my nephew Matthew and my sister. I learned in photography class not to ever chop someone off in a photo at the neck . . . oops! But the picture was so cute that I'm putting it up anyway!
Also, just so that I have it forever saved here, my friend Bri took some great maternity photos of me when I was pregnant with Evan. Comparing hers to mine shows how much I really have to learn. I have yet to even really try to learn the art of photo editing. And yes, my sister and I are wearing the same black shirt in these pictures:

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  1. Great shots Lauren! I think you need to get a dual frame and put both Megan and your maternity shots side by side...the one where you're laying on your side in the grass. Both wearing the same shirt, love it!

    Gosh I just went over to look at the shots I took of you last year and I see a bunch of things I would change now or have learned since. :) What a difference a year makes!